Shiny Rooms congratulates all moms and their children with the upcoming Mother’s Day. We want to thank you for your endless love and care, for your sleepless nights and delicious breakfasts.

Happy Mother’s Day!
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Tips to cleaning your keyboard from the cleanest business in town..... Shiny Rooms

It is a fact, that the keyboard is one of the most used, abused and unclean tools that we utilize on a daily basis. Whether, you are using your computers in the privacy of your own home, or utilizing public computers at the library or a retail store, keyboards are a hotbed for bacteria.

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This article is for those who find themselves too busy to cook and find themselves using the microwave on a regular basis.

The Microwave jut may be the most popular item in your kitchen! Thus, it is not surprising that it is always the most dirty with dried, crusty food stuck everywhere. C’mon admit, this happens to everyone. But, don’t worry Shiny Rooms has come to the rescue.

Just follow these below rules and you will have a clean microwave no matter how long it’s been since you last cleaned it).

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If you are like most people, then you are probably planning something for Valentine’s Day with that someone special. Maybe a delicious candlelit dinner, with great wine, and quiet, slow music? What about that lipstick on his collar, or a little champagne that spilled on your dress, or chocolate and strawberry stains on your sheets? Don’t worry about it. Enjoy the evening!

We are gonna show you how to clean up these stains.
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Many of us like sitting with the cup of hot tea or coffee and looking out the window day-dreaming looking at beautiful landscapes or skylines. At first glance, your windows may appear to be clean, but when the sun shines through them we see a truer picture. For most of us, window cleaning is a complicated task that a lot of us just hate to perform. 

So, if you belong in this group, then this blog is for you!

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Many of us devote Saturday’s for cleaning up. And, it is not a mystery that a lot of women hate this arduous process. Marla Cilley hated this process so much, that she created a special cleaning system, called “FLY” and wrote a book titled “Sink Reflections” and started a website www.flylady.net.
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High Tea, Low Tea, Afternoon Tea or Simply Tea Time Anytime......How not to Spoil your Tea Ceremony with a Dirty Kettle

Morning tea, afternoon tea, evening tea or anytime tea, tea time, for many, is the most relaxing, enjoyable part of the day that we look forward to, even for those who don’t like tea. Tea time is a time for relaxation, reflection, good company or simply time to be alone and enjoy the peacefulness. It’s really wonderful to take your lovely cup of tea and just day-dream, or relax with your family or beloved ones. 

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Why do you clean your home or office? Do you clean your home or office to get rid of dirt and dust and just to tidy your room? We all like to live, relax or work in a clean environment. Now take that a step further and what if we perceived that cleaning not only brings order and organization into our living spaces, but also into our life as well?

This is not about the Feng Shui theory. There is a much less complicated ideology, called tabula rasa method.

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How do you clean your mirror?
Usually it takes just to dust it with a dry towel. But if the mirror is very dirty, this wouldn’t help. Anyway, in order to have a nice look your mirror should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month.

  Here are some tips about easy mirror cleaning:
• Use a special abstergent for mirrors. Avoid using abstergents for window glass. They consist of ammonia spirit which can damage the mirror surface, making it dull.
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